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XL Mining (Integrated Lightning Protection System)

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Project Background


XL Mining Company is located in 32km North of the LY, Hunan, and the mine is located in hilly and low mountainous border zone. The relative elevation ranges from 300 to 500 meters. The slope of the terrain is generally 35 to 40 degrees. It belongs to subtropical continental climate with abundant rainfall and four distinct seasons. The annual number of thunderstorm days are in between 34.9 to 71.3. This area is exposure in high lightning and surge environment. Due to the special geographical environment and in lightning-prone areas, the power supply system, monitoring system, data network system of the mine had suffered lightning several times and caused varying degree damages.

Design of lightning protection scheme

WPX investigate the mine environment after receiving the customer’s requirements. We quickly developed a comprehensive overall mine lightning protection solution after learning the reason of damaged device. The solution include protecting mining program area, ore-dressing area, sewage treatment areas, office buildings, etc. Also several customized SPD were designed according to the special needs of regional power supply system, monitoring system and data exchange system. Then we completed the installation and arrangement of integrated lightning protection system at the assist of work staff.


On site installation pictures


Surge protection equipments configuration table

Serial NoNames of SPDSPD  ModelNumberMounting location spec.
1Class B Power module surge protectorWPX-MPA120-385/3+N1Regional main distribution cabinet
2Class C Power module surge protectorWPX-MPA40-385/3+N6Regional distribution cabinet
3Class C Power module surge protectorWPX-MPA40-385/1+N10District Monitoring System Distribution Box
4Class C Power box SPDWPX-BDPA20-242District Monitoring System Distribution Box
5Network SPDWPX-BHSA-8R2-54District monitoring system control box
6MultifunctionWPX-MFT-3010District monitoring system control box
7Phone line SPDWPX-BLSA-T2-1102District office phone, Model
8GroundingGrounding8Regional surge protector grounding

Effect of lightning protection system

From the date of SPDs installation till today, it has experienced two thunderstorm season and the equipment of mine work very well. All kinds of electrical equipment had no damaged circumstances being struck by lightning after installed the SPDs

WPX lightning protection, Always at your side

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