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Gas station lightning protection is a very important point to pay attention to

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Lightning is a common natural phenomenon, which is a strong discharge of electricity between thunderstorm clouds or between thunderstorm clouds and the ground due to the different nature of the charge. Thunderstorm clouds within the lightning is our usual common in the sky spread and accompanied by thunder and lightning, and thunderstorm clouds and the ground between the lightning is our common from the sky directly to the ground and accompanied by thunder of lightning, commonly known as falling mines. Falling mines on the ground buildings have a greater harm, specific to the gas station, the common hazards for the following aspects:

(1) direct lightning: gas station buildings, gasoline dispensers, tanks, pipelines, etc. suffered directly to the lightning and the corresponding thermal or electric effect of the damage caused by the explosion accident.

(2) Induction lightning: gas station steel tanks and pipelines due to material reasons, when the gas station over the thunderstorm clouds or has occurred when the lightning phenomenon, due to the principle of electromagnetic induction, tanks and pipelines will produce a large number of charges, when the charge accumulates to a certain amount, it may ignite the oil, thus triggering the explosion accident.

(3) The overhead lines corresponding to the gas station may generate overload current due to lightning, which may cause damage to the electronic equipment of the gas station or cause fire and other accidents.


Further enhance the importance of doing a good job of lightning safety awareness 

Gas stations are prone to explosive accidents, once an accident occurs is to cause large losses of personnel and property, therefore, we need to improve the understanding of the work of lightning protection of gas stations. ① To let the gas station staff to change the understanding of the passive protection into active protection, active and proactive lightning protection operations. ② The built gas station iron railings, security gates, notice boards, etc. for equipotential connection processing, the new gas station directly in accordance with the equipotential connection standards for the installation of iron equipment. ③ The corresponding departments should provide unified lightning protection training to the staff of gas stations, and teach them the basic knowledge of lightning, the corresponding methods of lightning protection and the working principle of the equipment. ④ Gas station staff should focus on lightning protection operations when thunderstorms come according to the real-time lightning forecast and warning information provided by the meteorological department.

A number of tragic gas station lightning accidents tell us that we can not take a chance on lightning prevention and control, only solid lightning protection operations at the gas station, in order to effectively avoid the occurrence of lightning accidents at the gas station.

Do a good job of gas station lightning protection device safety inspection and testing 

(1) new and reconstructed gas station of the original construction program should contain lightning protection design, gas station construction process to carry out lightning protection system tracking supervision, gas station construction is completed but also to carry out lightning protection system acceptance. To ensure that the lightning protection system and gas station construction of other systems in the design, construction, supervision and acceptance to maintain consistency.

(2) Gas stations that have been put into use should be inspected for safety hazards of lightning protection for buildings, power supply lines, network lines, electronic equipment, etc., and the safety hazards found should be rectified in a timely manner to ensure that the lightning protection of gas stations meets the requirements of the "Design Code for Lightning Protection of Buildings" (GB50057-2010), "Technical Specification for Lightning Protection of Electronic Information Systems of Buildings" (GB50343-2012) and other standards. GB50343-2012) and other relevant technical standards.

(3) The relevant departments should be based on the spirit of the Meteorological Law, Regulations on the Defense of Meteorological Disasters, Administrative Measures for Lightning Disaster Prevention and Mitigation and other laws and regulations, twice a year on the safety inspection of gas station lightning protection equipment, unqualified gas stations should be ordered to carry out timely replacement and maintenance of lightning protection equipment.

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