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Lightning knowledge broadcasting - WPX

Time: 2022-10-08 Hit: 26


According to incomplete statistics, the direct losses caused by lightning disasters reach to more than $ 1 billion each year all over the world. The death toll is over 3,000. In the United States, 100 people were killed by lightning each year, and hundreds of people were injured. Meanwhile, it causes millions in property damage. In the 1980s, Chinese meteorological department and the Ministry of Labor estimate that the numbers of casualties caused by lightning are more than one million each year, during which 3,000 people were killed.

Fire resulted from thunder is the most important cause of forest fire. In the US, About ten thousand times forests and wild fires are incurred by lightning every year. Our statistics show that 30% of the causes of forest fires in Xing'anling is from lightning fires. Thunders not only burn forests but also destroy the forest ecological processes.

In addition, with the development of technology, a lot of electronic equipment enter into people's work and life, However, these electronic devices have low capability of anti-interference for lightning. Electricity supply sector, communication systems and weather systems, which operate on the basis of electronic devices, bear the brunt lightning disaster. The Lightning hazard for electricity supply sector is mainly damaged power lines, substation power equipment. July 13, 1977 in New York City ,5 cables was cut off by lightning, causing power outages up to 26 hours and in dark all of the city. In 1988 Beijing, there were 11 cases of lightning accidents, during which a lot of transmission line components was damaged and the two high-voltage lines blown off. Similar data records in the world is more numerous.

Nowadays, Lightning protection is imminent in daily life and work environment. In order to prevent more people encounter lightning and more serious economic losses, WPX improves network science channels and broadcasts lightning knowledge through Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and other platforms.

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