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Serial signal lightning arrester/serial 485, 422 signal lightning arrester

Time: 2023-05-12 Hit: 4

The serial signal lightning protector, also known as the DB head lightning protector, is mainly used for protecting network devices (routers, network switches, network terminals) from lightning strikes and induced overvoltage caused by lightning electromagnetic pulses.

Features of serial signal lightning arrester products:

1. Large flow capacity, adopting multi-level protection.

2. Built in fast semiconductor protection device, with fast response speed and low residual voltage.

3. The core components adopt internationally renowned brands with superior performance.

4. Energy saving, environmentally friendly, easy to install, suitable for various standard interface types.

5. Low insertion loss ensures smooth wiring.

6. Small standing wave coefficient and wide operating frequency range.

Installation instructions for serial signal lightning arrester:

1. This product is connected in series.

2. Please select a product with the same interface type as the protected device.

3. The IN of the lightning arrester is the input, and the OUT is the output. The input end is connected to an external wire, and the output end is connected to the input end of the protected equipment.

4. The PE wire of the lightning arrester must be reliably connected to the grounding wire of the lightning protection system, and the connecting wire must be short, thick, and straight.

5. During the use of lightning protectors, they should be regularly tested. If there is a malfunction, they should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner to ensure the safety of the equipment.


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