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Summer thunderstorms are coming, monitoring equipment lightning protection should not be ignored

Time: 2023-07-10 Hit: 6

With the arrival of summer, the number of frequent thunderstorms, which is a challenge for wireless surveillance systems, because most of the surveillance equipment installed in the outdoors, if there is no protective measures for surveillance equipment, once the lightning strike, the consequences are very serious. Therefore, in the installation of video surveillance in the early stage, should take into account the issue of lightning protection, timely and good lightning protection measures, no matter in which field, is essential.


In response to lightning accidents, lightning protection is mainly divided into two parts: one is for direct lightning protection, the second is for induced lightning protection. One of the main lightning protection is for induced lightning protection. Induction lightning protection needs to be installed on the power supply lightning protector and signal lightning protector.

For the protection of induced lightning, most people will have such a question: if an electrical factory only installed lightning rod, did not install lightning protection, what consequences will arise? In essence, the installation of lightning rod is only a protection against direct lightning, can only make its buildings from direct lightning, and for the protection of induced lightning can not play any role, the main thing is that induced lightning will be inside the electrical plant of the electrical equipment caused by a devastating blow to the overvoltage and high current induced lightning will also be along the antenna feeder, the network, the power line into the room for destruction, so that the building of the electronic equipment system collapse! Interruption, paralysis of the situation, so it is important to do a good job of measures to protect the induction of lightning.

For the protection of the power supply system, the need to install power supply lightning protection and the use of multi-level protection, layer by layer discharge in order to achieve good protection, the specific installation measures are: in the building where the total distribution box to install a level of lightning protection, such as Kejia a level of power supply lightning protection; power supply distribution of electricity at the installation of a second level of lightning protection (Kejia two-level power supply lightning protection); for the indoor precision or important equipment for the third level of protection Installation of three-level power supply lightning protector. This internal layer of defense, can effectively prevent lightning accidents.


For the protection of communication systems, such as networks, antenna feeders, video screens, electric hua and other signal systems, can be installed to match the signal lightning protection, such as the addition of network signal lightning protection, video signal lightning protection, antenna feed signal lightning protection and other signal lightning protection. If not installed, once the lightning incident, the resulting induced lightning will be transmitted along the line into the room, resulting in equipment damage and economic losses, and even lead to casualties.

Here are some more common misconceptions about lightning protection measures.

Many people believe that the use of multi-point grounding can be more secure, but in fact, multi-point grounding is only applicable to strong electricity, in monitoring weak systems, single-point grounding is more protective of the product. If the weak system environment to take multi-point grounding, it is easy to lead to "grid potential" through the ground loop into the equipment system, the formation of voltage "surge", and the weak system of low voltage, voltage "surge The voltage "surge" of the weak system is low, and the voltage "surge" of the weak system is too large for the pressure difference, destroying the internal lines of the system.


Do a good job in the outdoor lightning protection measures are necessary, only good lightning protection, we can ensure the normal operation of equipment. Whether for national buildings, buildings with explosive hazardous materials, schools, factories, or residential housing, etc., need to do a good job of targeted lightning protection measures. Safeguard the power system and information systems to ensure the safety of the normal operation of the equipment, to avoid system paralysis, explosion, and even cause casualties in the accident.

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