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What is the significance of installing lightning arrester and lightning protection detection?

Time: 2023-11-16 Hit: 15

In thunderstorm weather, lightning phenomenon is easy to bring security risks to enterprises, especially for some high-rise households to install lightning protection device is necessary, large enterprise units also need to regularly carry out lightning protection detection, to avoid lightning accidents caused by significant property losses and casualties, then install lightning protection device and lightning protection detection has what significance?



1. reduce secondary disasters

Lightning phenomenon is a common natural phenomenon in nature, simple lightning will not affect people's lives and production, but if lightning and buildings or other important structures after contact may lead to lightning accidents, in addition to direct economic losses will also cause a series of secondary disasters, high-quality lightning detection and installation of lightning protection device is to prevent secondary disasters.

2. Eliminate or greatly reduce safety hazards

The process and late measurement of lightning protection detection are extremely accurate, and a perfect lightning protection detection mechanism is an important tool to ensure the safety of enterprises and institutions and buildings, which can eliminate or greatly reduce safety risks, so it is also one of the important links of lightning protection and disaster reduction work.

3.the formation of social mechanisms to promote the development of the industry

At present, enterprises and institutions gradually improve the awareness of lightning protection detection, lightning protection device and lightning protection detection as an important link in the work of lightning protection and disaster reduction, can promote the development of the entire industry, through strengthening the maintenance of lightning protection devices, improve the concept of lightning protection detection, for the elimination of lightning hazards have a lot of benefits.

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In addition, from the perspective of public safety, regular lightning protection detection or installation of lightning protection devices is of fundamental significance for the safety of construction areas, people's lives and property, and can effectively avoid the occurrence of lightning disasters.

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