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What is the significance of the detection of lightning protection facilities?

Time: 2023-08-07 Hit: 5

In layman's terms, it is for production safety, for property safety, and for life safety.

In recent years, there should not be too many accidents caused by unqualified lightning protection facilities. Within the jurisdiction of the Meteorological Bureau where I work, there are an average of two or three incidents a year. The vast majority (more than 90%) are units that do not conduct lightning protection safety inspections. We have been to many places, but people just don't test them. The video monitoring two-in-one lightning protection device is not tested in order to save a few testing fees. . The loss is tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, and the importance will not be known until something goes wrong. In fact, it was a responsibility that I didn't pay attention to before.

The lightning protection device of the building is composed of several parts such as the lightning receptor, the grounding device of the down conductor, the lightning protection device and other connecting conductors. They are indispensable in the lightning protection process, and any part of the failure will cause the lightning protection device to have no lightning protection effect and may have a negative effect. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly carry out safety inspections on the lightning protection device Fair, scientific, and accurate evaluation ensures that its quality and safety performance meet the requirements of norms and standards, find problems and rectify them in time, so as to avoid unnecessary losses caused by quality problems.

In order to prevent lightning waves from invading along the power line and damaging electronic and electrical equipment.

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