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WPX Surge protector:Product Quality Management

Time: 2022-11-02 Hit: 18


If you want to build a solid foundation among the fierce competitions in the lightning protection device market, make sure your product quality is the first thing you have to do.

WPX is always insist regarding customer’s requirements as an orientation, seeing product quality as the international standards.

In order to ensure the effective operation of the company quality management system, we would implement lightning protection device quality tracking system; product after-sale feedback mechanism; strengthen internal product quality awareness and promote regulation and standardization of lightning protection device production process; assure to deliver feedback information to customers at the first time and ensure the user experience.

Reliable quality is the first step for moving on!

WPX will keep strengthening the product quality and after-sales service control. Trying to make every effort to meet users needs and struggling to become the first-class lightning protection solutions provider in the world.

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