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Control SPD WPX-BLSA-T2-110

Product introduction:Phone line SPD for program-controlled telephone exchange and ringing telephones and fax machines lightning protection.

Product application:It is widely applied in automatic control and instrumentation lines, data lines, telephones, facsimile apparatus, and other equipment as well as the sensors and secondary meters in the circuit loop

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Model NumberWPX-BLSA-T2-110WPX-BLSA-T2-110K
Art No.670 202670 212
SPD categoryType 2Type 2
Rated Working Voltage( Uo)110V110V
DC Max Continuous Operating Voltage( Uc)180V180V
AC Max Continuous Operating Voltage( Uc)125V125V
Max working current (IL)0.5A0.5A
Total nominal discharge current (Itotal)10kA10kA
Nominal discharge current (In)5kA5kA
Voltage protection level wire-wire D1(UP)≤380V≤380V
Voltage protection level wire-PE D1(UP)≤380V≤380V
Voltage protection level wire-wire 1kV/us C3(UP)≤320V≤320V
Voltage protection level wire-PE 1kV/us C3(UP)≤320V≤320V
   Response Time(tA)≤1ns≤1ns
Insertion Loss(10MHz)≤0.5dB≤0.5dB
Impedance in series3.9Ω3.9Ω
transmission rate2Mbps2Mbps
   Relative Humidity≤95%(25℃)≤95%(25℃)
Working temperature range(TU)-40℃---+80℃-40℃---+80℃
Atmospheric Pressure86kPa...106kPa86kPa...106kPa
Wiring methods压接端子/Crimp terminal压接端子/Crimp terminal
Terminal crimping wire range0.3mm²~2.5mm²/13AWG-28AWG0.3mm²~2.5mm²/13AWG-28AWG
Housing material铝合金/Aluminum/UL V-0铝合金/Aluminum/UL V-0 
Installation place室内/Indoor室内/Indoor 
Degree of protection(IP code)IP20IP20
Installation methodsDIN 35mm railDIN 35mm rail


It can suppress induced lightning strokes from signal lines to prevent system equipment being damaged.


Worktime:8:00 ~ 17:00


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