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Equipotential bonder Surge Protector Series

1. Large flow capacity, 10/350us 100KA;

2. Waterproofing grade IP68;

3. Ex (IA) II CT4

4. Special Design, special purpose;

5. Small size, easy installation.

Model NumberWPX-EA100-800
Art No.410 104
SPD according IEC61643-11/GB 18802.1/EN 61643-11Class I/Type 1
AC Max Continuous Operating Voltage( Uc)255V
Conductive Voltage(Ua)640V~960V
Impulse discharge current(10/350ps)(Iimp)100kA
Nominaldischarge current (In)20kA
Max Discharge Current In(8/20us)20kA
Voltage protection level (Ur)s2.5V
insulation resistance210MQ
Response Time(ta)s100ns
Working temperature range(TU)-40°C---+80C
Atmospheric Pressure53kPa...106kPa
Mode ofConnectianPV-MC4
Installation place室内/室外
Atmospheric Pressure76kPa...106kPa
Degree ofprotection (IPcode)IP68
Diagram of dimensions



1 install

1.1 equipotential connectors with connecting terminals, can be directly installed by bolts on the protected equipment.

1.2 the equipotential connector can flexibly adjust the bending degree of the connecting cable to suit various environments.

1.3 an equipotential connector is required to pass through the connector to be installed. It can be used in insulated flange contacts, cathodic protection of pipe coupling parts and explosion-proof requirements of the environment.

2 use and maintain

2.1 before use, measure the insulation resistance of the two terminals of the equipotential connector with the triple meter Q X10k, the value should be infinite.

2.2 the equipotential connector can be put into use immediately after the selected position, so the surge protector can not guarantee the equipment effectively


Worktime:8:00 ~ 17:00


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