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Application solution of lightning arrester

October 27,2023

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1. The configuration principle of the lightning arrester should be used in different ranges of different performance of the lightning arrester (SPD). In the selection of power supply SPD to consider the form of the power supply system, rated voltage and other factors. The SPD at the junction of LPZ0 and LPZ1 must be the product that has passed the 10/350us waveform impact test. For communication SPD, the compatibility between SPD and electronic equipment should be considered when selecting the SPD.

SPD protection must be multi-level, for example, for the lightning protection of the power supply of electronic equipment, at least the discharge type SPD and the voltage limiting type SPD should be protected before and after two stages.


In order to achieve effective coordination between SPD levels, when the power or communication line distance between two SPD levels does not meet the specified requirements, appropriate decoupling measures should be taken between the two SPD levels.

For unattended occasions, OBO power supply SPD with remote contact can be used; For manned occasions, OBO power supply SPD with sound and light alarm can be selected, all OBO power surge arrester has aging display.

Communication SPD must meet the requirements of signal transmission band rate, operating level, and network type, and the interface must be compatible with the protected device. Because the communication SPD is connected in series in the line, the SPD with low insertion loss should be selected when selecting.

When selecting SPD, the supplier shall provide relevant SPD technical parameters.

The correct installation can achieve the desired effect. SPD should be installed in strict accordance with the installation requirements provided by the manufacturer.

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