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Classification of lightning arrester

December 29,2022

According to the system classification of lightning arrester application, lightning arrester can generally be divided into:

Power supply series; Applied to security system and industrial automation

Signal series; Applied to security system and industrial automation

Antenna feeder series; Applied to communication projects, base stations and antennas


As we know, the development of science and technology has made the monitoring system widely used in traffic monitoring, important places, various residential areas, public places, warehouse management and other industries. At the same time, the lightning protection safety of the monitoring system itself has become an important problem. If a security monitoring system is not equipped with a lightning protector, the monitoring data may be lost when it is struck by lightning, Unable to operate normally, which may cause huge losses for some industries. Professional lightning protection products have also become an indispensable necessity in every industry. They play a strong role in lightning protection in the construction industry, industry and commerce, and the Internet industry.

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