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Distribution system lightning arrester how to choose?

October 01,2023

Composition, principle and classification of lightning arrester

The basic components of the arrester are discharge gap, gas discharge tube, rheostat, suppression diode and choke coil. According to its working principle, it can be divided into voltage switching SPD, voltage limiting SPD and combined SPD. The working principle is to limit the range of instantaneous overvoltage equipment that can be withstand by accessing power lines and signal lines, or to introduce strong lightning current to the ground to protect the protected equipment or system from impact damage.

The main performance indicators of lightning arrester

The voltage protection level is a parameter that characterizes the voltage performance of the surge protector between the limit terminals and should be greater than the [sensitive word] limit voltage.

The rated discharge current (in) flows through the  surge protector(SPD) with a peak current of 8/20μs waveform. It is used for secondary test of surge protector and pretreatment test of primary and secondary test.

Impulse current (IIMP)

The current defined by the three parameters of peak current, charge Q and specific energy w/R is used in the first-order experiment of surge protector. The typical waveform is 10/350us.

Three. Lightning protection classification and lightning risk assessment of power distribution system

In order to prevent the high potential generated by the lightning current through the lead down and the grounding device from having a reaction on the nearby metal or electronic system circuit, to prevent the harm of the lightning electromagnetic pulse to the electronic system in the building information system, one of the most important technical measures is to set the lightning arrester reasonably in the electrical system. WPX can be customized according to customer requirements, personalized design.


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