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Home computer was struck by lightning several times, install lightning socket useful?

October 04,2023

Here are two ways of lightning damage to the computer:

One is from the power line invasion, the second is from the signal line invasion, first of all to understand the damage to the home computer is what kind of way, according to the way targeted, comprehensive lightning protection measures.

If the home network is optical fiber to the home (optical fiber belongs to passive signal transmission), the damage to the computer is from the power line invasion of lightning damage, then the installation of power lightning socket is useful, because the lightning socket will put the power line caused by lightning caused by overvoltage and overcurrent leakage to the ground, so that the power line voltage, current control in a certain safe range, To protect the normal operation of the computer. (Note: the lightning protection socket can play a better lightning protection role in the case of a ground wire, which is the channel for the  lightning protection  device to release energy).

If the home cable is in the form of an overhead line from the outdoor access, damage to the home computer will have two possibilities, so it is necessary to do lightning protection work in the power and signal part at the same time, that is, install the power lightning protection socket and network signal lightning protection device. If the economy can, but also want to better protect the home electrical equipment from lightning damage, it is recommended to grade lightning protection for the home power system. That is, a power surge protection module is installed at the back end of the household electric meter, and a power surge protection socket is installed for each electrical device. If you purchase WPX products, you can refer to this article to choose the right  lightning protection products, WPX lightning protection wholeheartedly at your service!

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