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How about signal lightning protector

July 19,2023

Thunderstorm is our most annoying weather, many houses will be installed lightning rod or lightning arrester, that signal lightning arrester is good? Usually we do not know much about it, so today we will take a look at the signal lightning arrester related content introduction.


How about signal lightning protector

Signal level protection: twisted pair signal protection (overvoltage protection plug) protects signal systems and equipment. Rated voltage 100VAC/DC, maximum discharge current Ismax per line is 10kA (8-20μs), response time ≤ 10ns. for power lines, signal lines (analog and digital), such as telephone equipment for 110VAC/DC; control and instrumentation lines, data lines for 12V DC/8V AC and 24V DC/15V AC, should be installed signal lightning protector AD/kz-24.

Signal secondary protection: Serial port protector with over-protected circuitry plug-in selector to protect signal systems and equipment, all available in high transmission situations. For example, to protect ports of hosts and servers, mounted in front of the serial port. Rated voltage 8V, 12V, maximum discharge current Ismax 15kA, data transfer rate 1Mbit/s.

Fine protection with rated voltage 12V DC, rated discharge current 100A (8-20μs), data transmission rate of 1Mbit / s. Coaxial cable signal protector for the protection of computer systems using 75Ω ~ 93Ω interface, installed in front of the coarse and fine cable network card, the maximum amplified current Ismax for 20kA (8-20μs), data transmission rate of 16Mbit / s. s.

Broadcast satellite antenna feeder (cable TV line) overvoltage protector is used to protect the equipment of 75Ω system, such as antenna amplifier, broadcast satellite receiving system, etc.. The maximum discharge current Ismax is 3.5kA (8~20μs), frequency range 4~2050MHz.

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