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How to choose power lightning arrester

July 28,2023

Power lightning arrester is used to prevent lightning and other internal overvoltage from invading equipment and causing damage.

The use of power supply  lightning protection  can release a large amount of pulse energy generated by lightning induction in the circuit in the shortest possible time, resulting in short circuit leakage to the ground, reducing the potential difference between equipment interfaces, and protecting the circuit equipment. So, how can power lightning protection devices effectively protect the power system? The following is an explanation of the WPX lightning arrester. The load current capacity of the power supply is large. For safety reasons and convenient use and maintenance, the multi-level lightning protection principle of the data communication power supply system is to choose parallel power supply lightning protection devices.


The Protected mode of power lightning arrester includes common mode and differential mode. Common mode protection refers to the protection between phase line ground wire (L-PE) and zero line ground wire (N-PE), while differential mode protection refers to the protection between phase line zero wire (L-N) and phase line phase line (L-L). For the second, third, and fourth level protection on the low-voltage side, common mode protection is usually chosen.

The voltage limiting characteristic is the most important characteristic of power lightning arrester, and the lower the voltage limiting, the better the protection effect. However, considering the fact that the voltage of China's power grid is generally unstable and has a large fluctuation range, it is recommended to choose low voltage limiting power lightning arresters. It is also necessary to consider that the lightning arrester has a sufficiently high maximum continuous working voltage. When the maximum continuous working voltage is low, the lightning arrester is prone to self destruction.


The low-voltage side of the power supply system has different protection levels of one, two, and three. According to the different protection levels, choose the appropriate nominal discharge current (rated current capacity) and voltage protection level of the power supply lightning arrester to ensure that the lightning arrester has sufficient lightning surge capacity. In principle, if the connecting wires between each level of AC power supply exceed 25m, the level must be protected. The power lightning arrester used for low-voltage side protection of the power supply should be selected with fault warning indication and telemetry port function for easy monitoring, management, and future maintenance. The power lightning arrester must have flame-retardant function and shall not ignite in case of failure or self destruction. The power lightning arrester must have a fault separation device, which can automatically cut off the power system in case of a fault, without affecting the normal power supply of the communication power system.

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