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How to choose the right lightning protection device manufacturer?

October 08,2023


Lightning disaster is one of the most serious natural disasters, the world every year due to lightning disasters caused untold casualties, property losses. A  surge protector, also known as a lightning arrester, is an electronic device that provides safety protection for various electronic equipment, instruments, and communication lines. So how to choose the right  lightning protection  device manufacturer?

Hunan WPX Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of lightning protection products, and is committed to providing users with comprehensive lightning protection solutions and technical support.


As a leading lightning protection solution provider in China, the company adheres to the concept of product innovation and development guided by customer needs, and provides users with personalized services throughout the whole process by internationalizing product quality. The company has provided thousands of lightning protection product selection, lightning protection engineering design, product installation, testing and maintenance and technical consulting services for national defense, military industry, communications, power, finance, transportation, petrochemical, meteorological, security monitoring, enterprises and institutions.

The main lightning protection products developed by the company include:

Power lightning protection device, signal lightning protection device, multifunctional lightning protection device, customized lightning protection products and other four product systems, which can fully meet the lightning protection needs of user systems and equipment, and the main performance indicators of the product meet the International Electrotechnical Commission standards and relevant national standards, industry standards.

The company will adhere to the quality of survival, credibility and development "business philosophy, adhere to the" technology enterprise "development strategy, to provide you with integrated, comprehensive lightning protection solutions, and work with you to create a better future.

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