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How to install the lightning strip?

June 07,2023

How to install the lightning strip?

1) The material is usually made of φ 8 hot-dip galvanized round steel

2) It shall be installed at the ridge, cornice, gutter, parapet and other prominent positions of the building.

3) The spacing between the fixed brackets of the lightning strip should be uniform, and the spacing should not be greater than 1 meter. The height of the support card should not be less than 15 cm.

4) When welding the lightning strip, the overlapping length between the round steel and the round steel is 6 times the diameter of the round steel, and welding is carried out on both sides.

5)Effective connections  should be made between the lightning strips, with consistent height, smoothness, and straightness. The bends should follow the shape, the corners should be rounded, and firmly welded with the down lead.


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