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​How to select Gigabit network lightning protection device?

October 31,2023

Gigabit network lightning protectors are more complex than other signal lightning protectors, because:

1. the transmission rate of the gigabit network lightning protection device is relatively high, in addition to the need to consider the lightning protection itself, but also consider the problem of communication transmission;

2. in terms of lightning protection: the gigabit network lightning protection device requires that the interior is eight-wire full protection, and the network PCB wiring is usually relatively thin, which is easy to cause PCB ablation;

3. In terms of transmission: Gigabit network signal lightning protection compared with other signal lightning protection fields, the transmission rate and bandwidth are several times higher, low-frequency signal lightning protection, as long as the line goes through, the device does not short circuit is estimated to be nine or nine not ten, but for gigabit network is not so casual, plug loss, near-end crosstalk and other indicators are much more stringent, otherwise it is easy to cause packet loss, off-line failure;

After years of technical research and field testing, the engineers of WPX lightning protection technology have successfully overcome the above lightning protection problems in high-speed network communication, mainly including:

1.Lightning protection (reference model: WPX-PTSA-R4-48) :


A) Continuously meet the communication wave 10/700us 6KV common mode test, and the differential mode protection capability is also improved at 6KV, far exceeding the 1.5KV standard required by the operator;

B) In the 8/20us current wave test, conventional products, usually 1KA May be hung up, OVP-RJ-45 -E1000/8-C perfectly will be common mode and differential mode overcurrent protection ability synchronous increase to 2.5KA, the maximum up to 3KA and the connector of the lightning protection device and the internal protection circuit is still safe, the communication index is normal after the impact.

2. In terms of communication and transmission, if the poorly performing lightning arrester may add 40 meters, there may be packet loss and network speed decrease. WPX lightning protection technology successfully solved the transmission problem that plagued the engineering company for many years, and the 100-meter network cable does not lose packets, and the throughput test is fully up to standard. The insertion loss is controlled within -1dB(100MHz) and -1.5dB(155MHz), which fully meets the transmission requirements of Gigabit networks.

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