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Introduction to the 2-in-1 surge arrester

October 13,2023

WPX(OMRDON)CCTVideo surveillance system network two-in-one lightning arrester (also known as: power network two-in-one lightning arrester, network 2-in-1 lightning arrester)

Functional characteristics:

Power Network two-in-one  lightning protection  device is designed according to IEC and GB standards, mainly used for lightning electromagnetic pulse (LEMP) protection of all kinds of HD Network Camera power supply and network signal lines, is an integrated multi-functional surge protection device. camera two-in-one lightning protection device flow capacity: 10KA(8/20μS), high-speed reaction (10-12 nanoseconds), low loss;

2. power supply,network lightning protection  two-in-one design concept, does not take up space, suitable for all kinds of high-definition network camera surge protection;

3. can effectively prevent equipment damage caused by the instantaneous increase of potential difference between camera power supply, network and other equipment;

4. the internal use of two-stage series linkage protection, residual low pressure, long service life;

5. power surge protection port with LED failure indicator (green: normal; Extinguish: failure);

6. the network two-in-one lightning arrester adopts integrated structure, small size, simple wiring and convenient installation.


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