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Is it necessary to buy lightning and surge protection for household sockets?

October 17,2023

Answer the result first, it is necessary.


Safety should always be put in the first place,lightning and surge prevention, in fact, is to prevent overvoltage. When the circuit is in an extreme state at a certain time - generated in a 220V single-phase circuit, an instant (millionth of a second) generates ultra-high overvoltage.

The voltage in the circuit suddenly rises, exceeding the peak voltage of the electrical appliance, the electrical components get more than the conventional energy, generating a lot of heat, resulting in electrical damage, if the person is in contact with the electrical appliance at this time (such as playing with the mobile phone while charging), it will cause harm to people.

There are naughty children at home, the elderly who are not convenient to act, and when the weather such as thunder, if you want to pull the electrical plug, it will be more likely to cause personal safety damage.


WPX-SP,WPX-PDU series of  power lightning protection  sockets are Class D lightning protectors, and the products are designed in accordance with GB2099.3. It can be widely used in communication networks, radio and television, computer rooms, video surveillance systems, aerospace systems, etc. It can also be used in 220AC power supply lightning protection for household appliances.

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