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Must-see! Selection method of lightning arrester

August 06,2023

Modern electronic equipment has high precision and integration, but high-precision instruments are also more susceptible to damage from lightning pulses. Therefore, the best choice for protection equipment is to choose  power lightning protectors. So, what is the selection method for power lightning arrester?


Understand rating types

The first  level lightning arrester  is installed at the entrance of the user's electrical system and grounded. Usually, this level of lightning arrester belongs to the category of large capacity power supply lightning arrester. The lightning pulse voltage can reach tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of volts, and the first level lightning arrester can instantly reduce this high lightning pulse to 2.5-3.0kV, preventing the control surge voltage from being transmitted to LPZ1 zone.

The second level lightning arrester is connected to LZP1-LZP2 in the intermediate position of the instrument equipment power supply system, further reducing the surge voltage from 2.5-3.0kV to 1.5-2.0kV. The second level power lightning arrester should be installed at sensitive parts of the circuit to absorb surge voltage and have a very good suppression effect on instantaneous overcurrent voltage.

The third level power lightning arrester is the ultimate protection level, completely eliminating the harm of instantaneous overvoltage and absorbing small current and voltage. The three-level lightning arrester is generally installed in the internal power supply of the equipment, with a series protection circuit to protect the instrument equipment from lightning damage.

Understand usage classification

According to the purpose classification of lightning protection devices, there are three types: choke or shunt type, voltage limiting type, and switch type. High quality lightning protection devices should have compatibility, high quality, and other characteristics.

The above are the selection methods for power lightning protection devices. To achieve the best protection effect, power lightning protection devices can be classified into three levels of protection.

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