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Network signal lightning protection, network lightning protection, computer network lightning protection solutions

October 20,2023

At present, with the acceleration of information construction in our country, the computer network information system is playing a more and more important role, every year there are many causes of lightning strikes cause damage to computer and network communication facilities, resulting in information transmission interruption, information damage and even threatening personal safety accidents occur.

There are two ways for lightning to damage a computer network:

Direct lightning and inductive lightning. The lightning overcurrent that directly strikes the building where the device is located or the connection line of the device and enters the ground through the network device is called direct lightning. The lightning strike caused by the strong electromagnetic field generated by the lightning current is called induced lightning. Induced lightning is generally generated by electromagnetic induction, and induces lightning voltage through power lines and signal feeders to invade computer network system, resulting in large area damage to network system equipment, so it is necessary to use WPX antenna feeder  signal lightning protection , signal surge protection and  computer Internet SPD surge protection.


Under normal circumstances, the network equipment is protected by the building lightning protection facilities against direct lightning, the possibility of direct lightning is relatively small, and the probability of inductive lightning is higher, so the signal lightning protection of the computer network system is more about the protection of inductive lightning and lightning wave intrusion. By installing surge protectors on power lines and communication lines, the impact of lightning on network system can be prevented or mitigated.

Due to the strong overvoltage and overcurrent generated by lightning, it is impossible to complete the discharge and voltage limiting at one time, so the power supply system must take multi-level lightning protection. Important occasions should take more levels of protection measures, through the use of WPX multilevel SPD power signal surge protector lightning protection facilities, complete release of lightning overload current, limit overvoltage, so as to prevent lightning through the power line into the computer network system, damage to system equipment.


The information network in modern buildings is no longer an information island, it must be an open network of interconnection to meet the needs of people's information exchange. In several communication modes, in addition to optical fiber media, other media may be subjected to direct or inductive thunder and damage the network system connected at both ends. In order to avoid the possibility of lightning damage due to the introduction of communication cables, the technology usually used is to first access the WPX RJ45 network signal surge protector (lightning arrester) before the cable is connected to the network communication equipment, that is, a transient overvoltage protector is inserted in the link, which can protect the electronic equipment from the conducted surge overvoltage caused by lightning strikes and other disturbances. Block the intrusion of overvoltage and lightning waves, and reduce the impact of lightning on system equipment as much as possible.


The core equipment of the computer network system is placed in the computer room, so it puts forward higher environmental requirements for the computer room, good grounding  network lightning protection, computer network lightning protection, network signal lightning protection system is an important measure to ensure the safe operation of the computer room and network equipment and the personal safety of the staff.

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