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Network signal lightning protection, network lightning protection, lightning protection solutions for computer networks

July 12,2023

At present, with the acceleration of China's information construction process, computer network information systems are playing an increasingly important role, and every year there are many accidents caused by lightning strikes that damage computers and network communication facilities, resulting in interruptions in information transmission, damage to information and even threats to personal safety.

Lightning strikes computer networks in two ways:

Direct lightning strikes and induction lightning strikes. Lightning directly hit the building where the equipment is located or equipment connected to the line and through the network equipment into the ground lightning overcurrent is called direct lightning; by lightning current generated by the strong electromagnetic field through the conductor induction of overvoltage, overcurrent lightning strike is called induction lightning. Induction lightning is generally generated by electromagnetic induction, through the power lines, signal feeder induction lightning voltage invasion of computer network systems, thus causing extensive damage to the network system equipment, so the use of ground Kai's sky feeder signal lightning protector, signal surge protector and computer Internet SPD surge protector is very necessary.

In general, the network equipment is protected from direct lightning by the building's lightning protection facilities, the possibility of suffering direct lightning is relatively small, while the probability of suffering induction lightning is higher, thus the computer network system signal lightning protection  is considered more induction lightning and lightning wave intrusion protection issues. Through the power supply lines and communication lines and other potential lightning intrusion hazards to add surge protectors to stop or reduce the impact of lightning on the network system.


As lightning generates a powerful over-voltage and over-current, it is not possible to complete the current discharge and voltage limiting at once in an instant, so the power supply system must take multiple levels of lightning protection. Important occasions are appropriate to take more levels of protection, through the use of WPX communication technology multi-level SPD power signal surge protector lightning protection facilities, thorough discharge of lightning overload current, limiting overvoltage, so as to prevent lightning through the power lines into the computer network system, damage to system equipment.

The information network in modern buildings is no longer an island of information, it must be an interconnected open network to meet the needs of people's information exchange. Among several communication methods, all media except fibre optic media can be subjected to direct or induced lightning that can damage the network system connected at both ends. In order to avoid the possibility of lightning being introduced into the communication cable, the technology usually used is to access the WPX RJ45 network signal surge protector (lightning arrester) before the cable is connected to the network communication equipment, i.e. a transient overvoltage protector is strung into the link, which protects electronic equipment from lightning flashes and other disturbances caused by conducted surge overvoltage, blocking overvoltage and lightning wave intrusion. The impact of lightning on system equipment is reduced as far as possible.


The core equipment of the computer network system is placed in the computer room, thus putting forward high environmental requirements for the computer room, good grounding network lightning protection, computer network lightning protection, network signal lightning protection system is an important measure to ensure the safe operation of computer and network equipment in the computer room and the personal safety of staff.

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