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Purpose and classification of signal lightning protectors

October 26,2023

Hunan Wpx Communication Technology Co., Ltd has a full range of signal protectors and lightning protectors.

Control signal surge protector

The  control signal surge protector  is designed to protect sensitive high-speed communication network lines from damage caused by lightning induced voltage, power supply interference, electrostatic discharge, etc. It has the characteristics of large flow capacity, low residual pressure level, sensitive response, stable performance and reliable.


Network signal surge protector

The  network signal surge protector protects  the network line according to the characteristics of the network system. Its transmission performance is superior, mainly divided into 100 Mbit network lightning arrester and gigabit network lightning arrester, high quality low capacitance gas discharge tube, TVS and other devices, with small insertion loss, clamp accurate, output residual low pressure, response speed and so on.

Connected in series in the network cable, it is mainly used for network transmission cabinets and coaxial video cable signal devices to prevent surge intrusion through the network cable and damage to the network port of the device.


POE Surge protector (Power over Ethernet surge protector)

POE surge protector, standard RJ45 interface, plug and play advantages.

It is mainly used in POE power supply lightning protection equipment of POE power supply camera, POE switch, wireless AP, network bridge and other 5 types of twisted pair cable.


Audio signal surge protector

The audio signal lightning protection device is an advanced lightning surge protection device with large flow capacity, superior transmission performance, low insertion loss, multistage protection and stable and reliable operation.


Video signal surge protector

Video signal surge protector adopts advanced series structure to protect the video line, according to the characteristics of signal transmission design, each lightning protection device has coarse protection and fine protection two-level protection function, its low limit voltage and fast response characteristics. The interface type is divided into BNC and RJ45 network interface, which is widely used in warehouse, road, smart community monitoring system and safety city, Xuiliang project, smart city, and other monitoring system front-end equipment lightning protection.

BNC analog video signal surge protector: mainly used for lightning protection of analog monitoring system signal lines.


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