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Selection method of power lightning arrester

August 24,2023

Modern electronic equipment has high precision and a high degree of integration, but high-precision instruments are also more likely to be damaged by lightning pulses, so it is best to choose a power surge protector for protection equipment. So, what is the selection method of the power surge protector?

Understand the classification type

The first-level surge protector is installed at the entrance of the user's power system and grounded at the same time. Usually, this level of surge protector belongs to the large-capacity power supply surge protector. The lightning pulse voltage is as high as tens of thousands of volts or even hundreds of thousands of volts. The first-level lightning protection device can instantly reduce this high lightning pulse to 2.5-3.0kV to prevent the control surge voltage from entering the LPZ1 area.

The second-level lightning protector is connected equally to LZP1-LZP2 in the power supply system of the instrument and equipment to further reduce the surge voltage from 2.5-3.0kV to 1.5-2.0kV. The second-level power surge protector should be installed in the sensitive part of the circuit to absorb the surge voltage and have a very good suppression effect on the instantaneous overcurrent voltage.

The third-level power surge protector is the final protection level, which completely eliminates the harm of instantaneous overvoltage and absorbs tiny current voltage. The third-level lightning protection device is generally installed in the internal power supply of the equipment, and the series protection circuit prevents the equipment from being damaged by lightning.

Understand the use classification

According to the classification of the use of the lightning arrester, there are three types: choke type or shunt type, pressure limiting type, and switch type. A high-quality lightning arrester should have the characteristics of compatibility and high quality.

The above is the selection method of the power surge protector. If the power surge protector wants to obtain the best protection effect, it can adopt a hierarchical protection method, usually divided into three levels of protection.

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