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Selection of power lightning arrester

August 21,2023

With the development of science and technology, today's electronic equipment has the characteristics of integration, miniaturization, and precision. While improving science and technology, these sophisticated designs can easily cause lightning accidents when lightning occurs, causing electronic equipment damaged.In terms of lightning countermeasures, many people choose power surge protectors for protection, but for the selection of power surge protectors, many people have troubles, so how to choose power surge protectors?


How to choose the power surge protector?

If the protection based on the lightning arrester wants to achieve the desired effect, attention should be paid to installing a suitable lightning arrester for the power supply in the right place. Protection is carried out in a graded manner.

The first level power surge protector :

The purpose is to prevent the surge voltage from being conducted directly from the LPZ0 area into the LPZ1 area, and limit the surge voltage of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of volts to 2500-3000V. Large-capacity power surge protector between phase and earth.

It is generally required that the power surge protector of this level has a maximum impact capacity of more than 100KA per phase, and the required limit voltage is less than 2500V.

The second level power surge protector:

The purpose is to further limit the value of the residual surge voltage passing through the first-stage lightning protection device to 1500-2000V, and implement equipotential connection to LPZ1-LPZ2.

The power surge protector output by the distribution cabinet line should be a voltage-limiting power surge protector when used as the second level of protection, and its lightning current capacity should not be lower than 20KA. Road power distribution office.

These power supply surge protectors can more perfectly absorb the remaining surge energy that has passed through the surge arrester at the user's power supply entrance, and have an excellent suppression effect on transient overvoltage.

The third level power surge protector:

It is the ultimate means of protecting equipment, reducing the value of residual surge voltage to less than 1500V, and ensuring that power equipment is protected from lightning strikes. The power surge protector installed at the AC power inlet end of electronic information equipment should be used as the third level of protection. It is a series-type voltage-limiting power supply surge protector, and its lightning current capacity should not be lower than 10KA.

The last line of defense can use a built-in power surge protector in the internal power supply of the electrical equipment to completely eliminate the tiny transient overvoltage.

How to choose the model of power surge protector?

At the same time, the lightning arrester should have the following characteristics:

(1) Compatibility, an ideal lightning arrester should not cause any interference-level interruption to the equipment or lines it protects.

(2) "Low" through-voltage surge protector must be able to reduce the instantaneous peak voltage to the range that general electronic equipment can bear.

(3) Comprehensive protection The power surge protector can provide each of the following protection functions: phase-to-ground, center-to-ground and phase-to-center.

(4) Display of operating status Whether it is in normal working status, function decline status or failure, it should be displayed on the panel.

(5) Repeated use and long life: Under normal use, it can withstand repeated lightning strikes and can still be used repeatedly.

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