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The difference and function of power surge arrester and surge box

November 01,2023

1. the power supply lightning protection device conforms to the national GB18802.1-2002/ IEC61643-1:1998 standard and YD/T1235.2-2002 product design and test standards. Different combination methods can be selected and multi-chip parallel to increase the flow capacity, easy to match, TN/TT/IT system common.

2. The core device of the power surge arrester is large-capacity MOV and GDT, with a single module up to 40KA(8/20uS) and stable quality. The product has a large flow rate, can use Kevin connection, output residual low, fast response to voltage.

3.built-in product failure trip device, protect the failure can be automatically out of the power grid, can prevent the occurrence of power line short circuit phenomenon.

4.product status indicator function: green normal, red fault, failure

failure, can be achieved through the remote signal device alarm function.


Function features of power surge protection box:

1. the power surge box adopts common mode, differential mode full protection mode, multistage pressure sensitive embedment parallel technology.

2. the product uses large flow rate residual low, fast response time, with load overcurrent, overheating, failure separation device.

3. The power supply lightning protection box is made of high quality steel, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, working status indication and lightning strike count, providing remote information, sound and light alarm.

4. the use of pressure sensitive series gas pipe to completely eliminate leakage current, higher safety performance.

The difference between the power surge arrester and the power surge arrester is introduced here, in fact, in our lives, the power surge arrester is the most common, according to the connection method contains two kinds: series type and parallel type.

The power supply lightning protection box is suitable for lightning electromagnetic pulse (LEMP) protection of TN-S, TN-C-S, TT, IT and other power supply line systems with AC 380V (50Hz/60Hz) and below. It is used for LPZ OB or the junction of LPZ1 and LPZ2 in the lightning strike area. The design basis conforms to GB18802.1. IEC61643-1 technical standard. When the surge protector fails due to overcurrent overheating breakdown, the failure disconnecting device can automatically disconnect it from the power grid, and the visual alarm indicator window changes from green (normal) to red (fault). The visual alarm indicator module can be replaced when there is working voltage. And with a digital lightning counter, you can conveniently record the number of lighting wave impact.


Power surge protection box working principle:

The   is an indispensable device in the lightning protection of electronic equipment. The principle of SPD is that under normal circumstances, the surge protector is in a very high resistance state, so as to ensure the normal operation of the power system. When the power supply system gradually increases with the impulse current and voltage, the resistance of SPD continues to decrease, SPD immediately switches on within a nanosecond, and the surge energy is discharged into the earth through SPD. When the surge is over, the surge protector quickly returns to the high resistance state, so as not to affect the normal power supply of the system.

Power surge protection box features:

1. optional remote terminal alarm function, easy to remote alarm monitoring.

2. can withstand up to 60KA(8/20μs) lightning current impact.

3. the response speed is fast, the action response time is less than 25ns.

4. flame-retardant shell design, can be easily installed on 35mm electrical guide rail.

5. built-in thermal trip failure release device, so that the protector due to overheating, breakdown failure can be automatically disconnected.

6. the surge protector with visual alarm window color indicates the working status of the protection, green (normal), red (fault).

7. lightning box is equipped with micro circuit breaker and lightning count function, lightning box panel with work indicator.

Power surge box product application and installation position:

The WPX II series power surge protection box is suitable for LPZOB or the junction of LPZ1 and LPZ2 in the lightning strike area, and is usually installed in parallel in the floor distribution box, computer center, telecommunication room, elevator control room, frequency conversion equipment control room, hospital operating room, ICU and the distribution box entry line in the place equipped with electronic medical equipment.

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