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The difference between lightning arrester and lightning arrester

August 12,2023

In order to better protect against lightning,lightning arresters  are installed in many places. However, when purchasing, many people confuse lightning arresters with lightning arresters and believe that they are the same product.

Lightning arresters and lightning arresters, literally speaking, seem to be the same thing. Simply put, they are both used for lightning. Below, the lightning protection editor of WPX Communication Technology Department will explain the difference between lightning arresters and lightning arresters.


Firstly, let's take a look at the concepts of the two. To understand the difference between lightning arresters and lightning arresters.

Let's start with the concepts.

Lightning arrester: An electrical device used to protect electrical equipment from high transient overvoltage hazards during lightning strikes, and to limit the duration of the continuous current, often also limiting the value of the continuous current. Lightning arresters are sometimes referred to as overvoltage protectors or overvoltage limiters.

Lightning arrester: It is also known as surge protector, which is an electronic device that provides safety protection for various electronic devices, instruments, and communication lines. When a sudden current or voltage occurs in a circuit or communication line due to external interference, a surge protector can conduct a shunt in a very short period of time, thereby preventing surge damage to other components in the circuit domestic lightning protection technology originated in the 1980s, during which foreign lightning protection products and technologies were continuously introduced. The international IEC standards greatly influenced the development of the lightning protection market.


The application of  lightning protection products  has also undergone differentiation, giving new content to the names and concepts of lightning protection products.


In practical application, Surge protector mostly refers to a lightning protection device used in low-voltage distribution system and weak current system to limit transient overvoltage. Lightning arrester refers to a primary lightning protection device used in high-voltage distribution systems, specific industries, and application environments.

In China, the main differences between the two are as follows:

1、 Rated voltage and nominal discharge current

The rated voltage range of the lightning arrester is 0.28kV~3kV, and the nominal discharge current of the lightning arrester is 20kA, 10kA, 5kA, 3kA, 1kA.

The rated voltage range of Surge protector is 5V~1.2kV; The nominal discharge current of Surge protector is 120kA, 100kA, 80kA, 60kA, 40kA, 20kA, 10kA, 5kA, 3kA, etc.


2、 Protection scope, model and category

Lightning arresters are used to protect the insulation of AC transmission and transformation equipment from the effects of lightning overvoltage and working overvoltage. There are mainly types of zinc oxide lightning arresters, exhaust type lightning arresters, DC lightning arresters, etc.

Suitable for overvoltage protection of transformers, transmission lines, distribution boards, switchgear, power metering boxes, vacuum switches, parallel compensation capacitors, rotating motors, and semiconductor devices.

Surge protector is generally defined as surge protection used in low-voltage distribution system and weak current electronic system, which is generally divided into three categories: power Surge protector, signal surge protector and antenna Surge protector.


3、 Response time

The response time of Surge protector is generally between 20-25ns, with fast response time and high protection performance, which is suitable for fine protection of sensitive electronic equipment. The response time of lightning arresters is generally above 100ns, which is suitable for the protection of transmission lines. This also determines the different protection objects and installation locations.


4、 Manufacturing process and materials

The lightning arresters are mostly zinc oxide lightning arresters, which are made of insulating silica gel and other materials outside, while Surge protector are generally composed of Varistor, semiconductor devices, electrostatic protection elements, shell plastics and special glue filling materials. Of course, the manufacturing process is very different.

From the above, it can be seen that the appearance of lightning protection devices is relatively tall, but it is not important. It is important to decide what type of lightning protection product to choose based on the actual situation and specific needs, which is the key.

With the development and progress of science, it is already the era of electronic information technology. Information technology products are everywhere, so the problem arises. With so many information technology products, there are inevitably security risks, and lightning protection work is particularly important.

The use of household appliances, network signals, communication equipment, and so on all need to be well protected against lightning. The losses caused by lightning disasters in China every year are no less than those caused by drought and flood, and it is also a major issue that cannot be ignored. It should be said that prevention work should be done well.

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