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The function and wiring method of surge protector (SPD)

September 12,2023

What is a lightning surge protector and what does it do?

How is it installed and wired? Today, Hunan Weipuxun Communication Technology Co., Ltd. will give you a popular science on the concept, function, installation and wiring of surge protectors.

Surge protector (SPD)  is an electronic device that provides safety protection for various electronic equipment, instruments and meters, and communication lines. We are also called lightning arresters. surge protection.

The surge protector is generally connected in parallel with the protected equipment. When the electrical circuit or communication line suddenly generates a peak current or voltage due to lightning interference, the surge protector can conduct and shunt the current in a very short time, which can play a role The effect of leakage and voltage limitation prevents damage to equipment caused by excessive current and voltage. In general, its main role is to protect electronic equipment from "surge" damage.

The lightning surge protection of the power distribution system has multiple levels of protection, generally including the first level of protection (general distribution cabinet), the second level of protection (distribution power cabinet), the third level of protection (equipment), etc. (described below is the surge protection at the device). In addition, different occasions have different power requirements, and many power supply systems have been derived, including TT system, TN-S system, TN-C system, etc. There are also different models of surge protectors to deal with these different power systems.

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