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Usage, characteristics and installation of RS485 control signal lightning arrester

November 03,2023

RS485 control signal lightning protection device has a strong surge discharge capacity, each maximum discharge 10KA (8/20us), suitable for all levels of protection of the distribution system, no continuous current, to avoid the problem of instantaneous power failure after the ordinary intermittent surge arc, small leakage current. It is suitable for lightning protection of signal equipment such as monitoring and control lines, data transmission lines, industrial control lines, fire lines and alarm lines, communication lines, telemetry signals, etc., so as to prevent all kinds of equipment from being damaged by lightning electromagnetic pulse. There are two forms of resistance type and inductance type, inductance type is mainly suitable for high-precision sensor line protection. The above introduction is the main use of the control signal lightning protection device, the following WPX to introduce its main characteristics and installation precautions.

RS485 control signal lightning arrester Main features:

1.Multilevel protection, large flow capacity;

2.The core components are strictly screened, and the selection of international famous brand products, superior performance;

3.Built-in fast semiconductor protection device, fast response speed;

4.Low capacitance, inductance design, excellent transmission performance;

5.High transmission frequency, small insertion loss;

6.Extremely low in-line resistance reduces unnecessary attenuation of signal strength and maximizes signal transmission distance;

7.The limiting voltage is very low;

8.Advanced production technology, beautiful appearance;

9.Easy to install.


RS485 control signal surge arrester installation precautions:

1、Please identify the interface and connection mode;

2、Identify the input/output interface identification of the surge arrester, and connect the input to the external line and the output to the device;

3、The ground wire should be short, thick and straight to reduce the influence of distributed inductance on the discharge of lightning EMP.

4、The signal surge arrester should be grounded through an electronic switch and connected to the ground network.

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