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What are the IN and OUT connections on the surge arrester?

November 06,2023

The surge arrester is connected in series between the protected device and the signal channel. The input end (IN) of the surge arrester is connected to the signal channel,

And the output end (OUT) is connected to the protected device and installed next to

The protected device. Connect the grounding cable of the surge arrester to the grounding bar of the surge protection system. The shorter the cable, the better. The maximum cable Length is 1m.


1. single-phase parallel lightning protection device

Advantages: simple circuit, the use of composite symmetrical circuit, common mode, differential mode full protection, L, N can be randomly connected. Disadvantages: varistor RV is easy to cause fire after short circuit failure. A power frequency wire is connected in series to each varistor to prevent the varistor from short-circuiting and catching fire. If the L and N wires are reversed, the varistor RVRV3 can be omitted, and the upper end of the discharge tube G is directly connected to the N line to form a "1+1" circuit. The selection of the pressure-sensitive voltage value of the varistor (the selection of a higher pressure-sensitive voltage is safer and more durable, and the failure rate is low, but the residual voltage is slightly higher); According to the requirements of the flow capacity, choose the shape size and package form, or use several varistors in parallel (should choose a similar varistor voltage parallel, in order to extend the service life and ensure safety). The current capacity of the ceramic gas discharge tube is selected according to the required current capacity, and the DC breakdown voltage is 470V ~ 600V.

2. The power network two-in-one lightning arrester is connected IN series.

In indicates the line access end and OUT indicates the end of the protected device. The lightning protection grounding must meet the requirements of the lightning protection specifications (recommended grounding resistance ≤4 ohms). The product does not have waterproof function, and waterproof equipment should be installed outside the installation. Procedure For connecting the power network two-in-one surge arrester: Connect the cables to the surge arrester IN series on the exposed front end of the protected device. OUT is the device end, and In is the incoming end. Power part connection: the nominal voltage of the lightning arrester should match the working voltage requirements of the power supply of the protected camera, and the connection should be made according to the installation diagram. The "L" of the power line is the live line or positive electrode, and the "N" is the connection of the neutral line or negative network signal: the input point is connected to the signal channel and then the port, the output end is connected to the video camera, do not connect the reverse, the interface must be locked. Ensure that the grounding terminal of the SPD is electrically connected to the SPD ground cable.

3. the network signal lightning protection device is a new type of signal lightning protection device to protect the network line.

Both ends are RJ45 RJ45 connectors connected in series to the network cable. The surge arrester is grounded. When choosing a network lightning arrester, pay attention to the transmission rate of the network, which is mainly divided into 100 Mbit network lightning arrester and gigabit network lightning arrester. Because the interior of the network lightning arrester is a multi-level lightning protection design, the input end of the lightning arrester is the level lightning protection coarse protection of the network signal lightning arrester, which is used to resist the lightning surge impact of the line of defense. The output end is the fine protection of the lightning arrester, which is used to reduce the residual pressure of the network signal lightning arrester and provide fine protection for the device.

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