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What is a power lightning arrester

September 16,2023

Power surge protector (SPD) is also known as lightning arrester, surge protector, surge protector.

In the information age, computer networks and communication equipment are becoming more and more sophisticated, and the requirements for their working environment are also getting higher and higher, while lightning and instantaneous overvoltage of large electrical equipment will be more and more frequently transmitted through power supplies, antennas, and radio signal transceiver equipment.

Such lines intrude into indoor electrical equipment and network equipment, causing damage to equipment or components, casualties, interference or loss of transmitted or stored data, and even misoperation or temporary paralysis of electronic equipment, system suspension, interruption of data transmission, local area network and even The WAN is compromised. The harm is shocking, and the indirect losses are generally far greater than the direct economic losses. The  power surge protector  is a device that prevents being struck by lightning through modern electricity and othertechnologies.


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