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What is the function of the power surge protector

May 12,2023

1. Prevention of overvoltage:

When overvoltage occurs in the circuit, the  surge protector  can quickly react and release voltage.

Due to the extremely short response time of the surge protector, it can effectively avoid equipment damage or data loss caused by overvoltage. Meanwhile, by instantly limiting the current to a safe range, it can effectively prevent accidents such as fires or personal injuries caused by excessive current.


2. Suppression of harmonics:

When higher-order harmonics appear in the circuit (such as the N-th harmonic in Kirchhoff's law), the surge protector can quickly react and remove the higher-order harmonics completely; If low order harmonics occur (such as L2 and C3 harmonics in Kirchhoff's law), they are removed thoroughly through filtering to suppress high-frequency interference in the power grid.

3. Reduce electromagnetic radiation:

With the widespread use of electronic devices and the increasing power of electronic devices, the issue of electromagnetic radiation is becoming increasingly prominent; Especially high-frequency electromagnetic radiation is harmful and beneficial to the human body. And the power surge protector can to some extent eliminate this harmful electromagnetic radiation pollution problem.

4. Extend the service life of the equipment:

The application of power surge protectors can effectively reduce the generation and usage of internal inductance in equipment, reduce coil turns, reduce coil temperature rise and loss, and improve equipment reliability; Thus improving the service life and performance indicators of the equipment.

5. Stable system operation:

Due to the increasing number of various electronic devices and the continuous improvement of their power, the power loss of power supply lines is constantly increasing and the stability is poor; The power surge protector can absorb these energy losses within a certain range and maintain the stable operation of the system.

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