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What is the power surge protector for? If so, what is the correct way to connect?

August 28,2023

The three-phase  power surge protector  is a lightning protection protection power supply suitable for various power systems. , Three-phase power surge protector: three-phase power surge protector, three-phase power surge protector control module, 380v power surge protector, three-phase power high voltage surge protector.


Application field

The three-phase power surge protector with a allowable flow volume of 20kA~40kA is suitable for lightning protection protection of various power systems (such as UPS power supply, main engine room power supply, etc.); the allowable flow volume The 10kA lightning protection box is suitable for lightning protection of various equipment power supplies. The device is widely used in mobile communication towers, microwave communication bureaus/stations, communication rooms, industrial factories and mines, civil aviation, finance, securities and other power systems, such as various substations, high and low voltage power distribution Room, distribution box, AC and DC power distribution panel, distribution box and various other critical and lightning-prone equipment.

The telescoping feature and the status indicator light indicate the operating status of the lightning protection box. The flow volume is large and the residual discharge is low. Wide application coverage, ns-level response time. Complete differential mode and common mode multi-directional maintenance. Selection of unique impact melting piece, high stability. The key components are selected from world-renowned brands, with high performance and long service life. The interior is equipped with temperature control and overcurrent protection power supply circuit, completely avoiding fire accidents. Environmental protection and energy saving. Environmental protection, easy installation and operation, convenient, no special maintenance.


Application note

Be sure to disconnect the power supply before installation, and prohibit electrification operation. The lightning protection box can be hung on the wall or placed horizontally. When installing, please connect according to the installation plan. Among them, L1.L2.L3 is the live wire and neutral wire, N is the neutral wire, and PE is the ground wire. Do not connect them incorrectly. After installation, check whether the working environment is normal.

During the application period of the lightning protection box, you should regularly check and query the operation status of the indicator light: the indicator light is green, and the lightning protection box is working normally; the indicator light is bright red, and the  lightning protection box  has a fault, and it should be repaired or replaced immediately . Electrode connection wires should be multi-core copper core wires not less than 6mm, and must be short, thick, and straight. Layman staff must not disassemble.

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