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What is the principle of secondary protection surge protector?

November 09,2023

Two pole protection surge protectors are devices used to protect electrical equipment, electronic equipment and lines in a power system from the effects of power surges.

The working principle of secondary protection surge protectors is based on several key concepts:

1. surge generation: A surge is an instantaneous voltage fluctuation caused by sudden current or voltage changes, usually caused by lightning hitting the nearby area, power switch, inductor switching and other factors. This power surge can damage or destroy equipment connected to the power system.

2. Surge conduction: The surge can be transmitted to the connected device through conductors such as power lines and communication cables. It travels along conductors and can cause damage to equipment.

3. the work of the surge protector: The main principle of the secondary protection surge protector is to guide the surge to the ground or dissipate it before it arrives to protect the connected equipment.

The following is how the secondary protection surge protector works:

(1) Non-conductive media: Surge protectors usually contain a non-conductive medium, such as a gas discharge tube or zinc oxide element. These components are insulated and do not conduct electricity under normal operating conditions.

(2) Power surge arrival: When the power surge enters the system, its voltage will rise, exceeding the breakdown voltage of the surge protector. At this time, the charge in the non-conductive medium is excited and begins to conduct electricity.

(3) Surge guidance: Once the charges in the surge protector are excited, they form a low-impedance path to direct the surge to the ground or other grounding facilities. This way, the power surge does not continue to travel to the connected device, but is safely discharged.

(4) Self-recovery: Once the surge is treated, the non-conductive medium of the surge protector will restore its insulating state and be ready to deal with the next surge event


Secondary protection surge protector What are the non-conductive media?

The main components of a surge protector are usually made of conductive materials because conductive materials can better conduct electricity, absorb surge energy and disperse surge current, thus protecting the device from damage. However, some non-conductive media or insulating materials can also be used in a surge protector, usually to support and insulate the conductive elements of a surge protector.

Here are some non-conductive media that may be used in a surge protector:

1. plastic: Plastic is usually used in the shell or bracket part of the surge protector to provide physical support and insulation. For example, plastic materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene can be used for these components.

2. ceramic: Sometimes, ceramic can be used as an insulating material for the internal components of the surge protector. Ceramics usually have high insulating properties and can isolate conductive parts inside the surge protector to ensure safety.

3. glass fiber: Glass fiber is usually used to enhance the structural strength of the surge protector, and can be used as a supporting material. It is usually non-conductive.

4. silica gel: Silica gel is an insulating material, often used to seal the components of the surge protector to protect it from the external environment.

These non-conductive media are usually used in combination with conductive parts to ensure that the surge protector has both good insulation properties and can effectively direct the surge current. Surge protectors are usually designed with a combination of conductive and insulating materials in mind to provide the best performance and safety.

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