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What is the principle of the power signal surge protector

June 07,2023

1. Classification of surge protective devices:

There are many methods available based on different classification standards.

For example, according to the different working voltage levels, it can be divided into two types: DC and AC; According to the different usage environments, it can be divided into industrial grade and household grade; According to different purposes, it can be divided into lightning protection devices and  power lightning protection  devices, etc. Due to the different standards, there are various classification methods available.

2. Working principle of signal surge protector:

The principle of  signal surge protector  is mainly to protect the equipment by suppressing the high-frequency peak current generated in the circuit. Its working mechanism is to connect a current limiting resistor (or inductor) in the circuit, so that the high-frequency peak current in the circuit is discharged after being divided by the current limiting resistor, thereby limiting the high-frequency pulse.

3. Application fields of signal surge protector:

With the increasing popularity of electronic devices and the continuous improvement of people's safety awareness, people's requirements for safety protection of electronic devices are also increasing. In order to improve the service life of electronic equipment, reduce failure rates, and reduce maintenance costs, the use of electromagnetic interference technology for protection of electronic equipment has become a trend and inevitable choice.


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