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​What is the role of the network lightning arrester?

November 13,2023

The network lightning protection device is mainly used for lightning (overvoltage) protection of intrusion devices along the network signal line, such as network switches, servers, routers, modems, network terminals, and printers parallel to the network system, centralized controllers, and so on. Belongs to the weak current system lightning protection category, equipment end protection. It is mainly to protect against lightning strikes induced by lightning.


Network products are generally indoors and are generally not directly harmed by lightning strikes.

They're gonna be struck by inductive thunder. Induced thunder is the overvoltage induced by the conductor by the powerful electromagnetic field generated by the lightning current. The lightning strike caused by the overcurrent is called induced lightning.

Induced lightning is generally generated by electromagnetic induction, and induced lightning voltage through power lines and signal feeders invades computer network system, resulting in large area damage to network system equipment. Network devices A network lightning arrester is installed to prevent induced lightning from damaging network devices.

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