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What role can network lightning arrester play in thunderstorm weather?

December 29,2022

Sometimes the network signal at home is bad, sometimes it is good, sometimes it is bad. This situation is very obvious in thunderstorm weather. Sometimes even because of thunder, the network signal at home may even have a temporary stutter or signal failure. Then it may be that the network lightning protector protects the network system and causes the network signal to be temporarily and temporarily disconnected.

The application of network lightning protector is mainly to protect the network system from being struck by lightning, because once the network system equipment is broken down by lightning, it is easy to cause the whole LAN network to be disconnected. Now the information transmission is mainly relying on the network, so the LAN network disconnection is a very terrible thing. Therefore, the general network systems have network lightning protectors, because there are many types of network signals, and people often say 100 megaband broadband, The corresponding network system of gigabit broadband should use the corresponding network lightning arrester, so the types of lightning arrester can be divided into gigabit network lightning arrester, 100M network lightning arrester, of course, there are also single port network lightning arrester and 24 port network lightning arrester. These multi port or single port network lightning arrester are mainly used for switching network lightning protection.


The network lightning arrester is mainly used for lightning protection of network terminals. Due to the particularity of network signals, the network lightning arrester is generally installed in series on the equipment terminals to be protected. However, when installing the network lightning arrester, the grounding path circuit from the network lightning arrester should be as short as possible, so that the high-voltage current can be introduced to the ground as soon as possible to avoid affecting the network signals.

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