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Whats Is Signal Surge Protectors

September 23,2023

Signal surge protector(signal surge protector or signal surge protector) is a kind of surge protector, its function is to protect signal transmission equipment from lightning damage.

Communication equipment and signal transmission network room security equipment are low-current devices. When the current and voltage exceed a certain limit, the normal operation of the device is affected. But in thunderstorm weather, lightning flow often through the signal line into the signal equipment, signal lightning protection, signal surge protection plays a vital role.

Classification Of Signal Surge Protectors

Network signal surge protector

Network signal lightning arrester  is a new type of signal lightning arrester to protect network lines. Both ends are RJ45 connectors connected in series to the network cable. The surge arrester is the grounding basis. When choosing the network lightning arrester, pay attention to the transmission rate of the network, mainly divided into 100 megabit network lightning arrester and gigabit network lightning arrester, suitable for network system video line, BNC coaxial interface line, other coaxial video line signal equipment lightning protection, CCTV system lightning protection.


Video signal surge protector

The  video signal surge arrester  protects video lines, including the 2-in-1 video surveillance surge arrester and 3-in-1 video surveillance surge arrester. The interface type is divided into BNC and RJ45 network interface, which is suitable for the power cord, signal control line, and lightning surge protection of coaxial video line of HD system digital camera and other equipment. Widely used in warehouse, residential, road monitoring system and safe city, smart city and other monitoring system front-end equipment lightning protection.


Audio signal surge protector

Audio signal lightning protection device is mainly used for telephone line lightning protection, RJ11 crystal head interface, series in the line, lightning protection device as a grounding, suitable for telephone, program control switch, fax machine, MODEM, communication signal line terminal equipment, communication room protection and other signal lines used an advanced lightning surge protection device.


Control signal surge protector

RS485 control lightning arrester and 4-20ma analog signal lightning arrester are mainly used in industrial control PLC and other automation integrated systems.


Antenna feed signal lightning arrester:

Antenna feeder lightning arrester is mainly used for lightning protection on the communication base station, and is suitable for lightning protection and surge protection of antenna feeder system equipment such as cable TV, SATV, repeater station.


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