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Which buildings require lightning protection safety measures and why lightning protection testing is required?

April 07,2023

The lightning protection safety measures for buildings should be determined based on their purpose and nature.

Nowadays, electrical design and construction are people-oriented, safety first, and lightning protection and grounding are strictly regulated. According to theory, buildings that protrude from the ground require lightning protection facilities. Therefore, it is said that in a building group, if the distance meets the requirements and this building is lower than that building, lightning protection measures may not be taken, but this is the norm a few years ago.

The lightning protection level should be determined based on the expected number of lightning strikes in each region. In order to prevent side lightning strikes, it is necessary to install grading rings for high-rise buildings, as well as lightning protection grounding for exterior walls, doors, windows, and railings. The first level lightning protection exceeds 30 meters, the second level lightning protection exceeds 45 meters, and the third level lightning protection exceeds 60 meters.

Why do we need to conduct lightning protection testing?

The main purpose of lightning protection testing is to determine the effectiveness of existing lightning protection devices.

The lightning installation device is mainly composed of lightning arrester (collectively called lightning rod and lightning strip), downlead and Earth electrode, especially the Earth electrode is buried underground, and the downlead is often blown by rain and wind, which is prone to fracture and desoldering due to corrosion over the years. As a result, the lightning energy received by the lightning arrester cannot enter the ground through the Earth electrode and is consumed, which is more likely to cause damage to buildings and personnel.

Therefore, regular testing of lightning protection devices is necessary.

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