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Which power surge protector is more suitable for home

September 06,2023

How to choose a suitable product for household surge protectors?

The household power distribution system belongs to the final level of   lightning protection, so it should be configured according to the third level of lightning protection.

If you don't know much about the three-level lightning protection of the building power distribution system, you can refer to the previous article: Three-level lightning protection scheme for power supply

The lightning protection of the power supply system is divided into multi-level lightning protection. The power distribution system of a building is used for lightning protection: the main incoming line cabinet is the first level of lightning protection, the floor distribution cabinet is the second level of lightning protection, and the household distribution box is the second level. Three levels of lightning protection.

Households are all single-phase electrical systems, so the third-level single-phase surge protector for household lightning protection is sufficient.

There is no such thing as how much kw the  lightning protector  is, because it does not pass current in the normal state, and it does not do work without current, so there is not much kw!

The main parameters of the surge protector are the voltage protection level and the discharge current. Generally, the household T2 level surge protector has a voltage protection level not greater than 1.5KV, preferably 1.2KV; the discharge current is 10-20KA.


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