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Why do electronic products need lightning protection?

April 07,2023

The withstand voltage value of any electronic device, component, or insulation material is very limited. Electronic components, especially capacitive components, are easily damaged by high-voltage breakdown caused by lightning, so lightning protection must be implemented.

The voltage of lightning is very, very high. The maximum range measuring equipment cannot measure the voltage of lightning, and can only estimate it.

Every inch of lightning is above 10000 volts, and a lightning bolt that is over a hundred meters or even kilometers long is truly terrifying. Any electronic product will be destroyed. Only lightning protection measures can be taken. The key point is that the altitude of any equipment must be lower than that of the lightning rod.

Lightning protection and anti-static measures need to increase manufacturing costs. The degree of protection for the equipment itself is limited, and there may still be incidents of lightning damage to the equipment, and its most significant aspect is to reduce casualties.

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