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Why use a network power supply two in one lightning arrester

September 19,2023

Why use a network power supply two-in-one lightning protector

The  network two-in-one lightning protection  device is a special lightning protection device tailored according to the characteristics of the network monitoring system. It integrates the power supply lightning protection device and the video line lightning protection device. Level protection function. The two-in-one lightning protection device with network power supply combines the two lightning protection functions of network video signal lightning protection and power supply lightning protection, which is convenient for users to install and maintain. Next, Hunan Weipuxun Communication Technology Co., Ltd. will explain to you.

Features of the two-in-one lightning protector for network power supply:

2.1. The two-in-one  lightning protection  device with network power supply has a large flow capacity: 10KA (8/20μS), high-speed response (10-12 nanoseconds), and low loss;

2.2. The design concept of power supply and network lightning protection in one, does not occupy space, and is suitable for surge protection of various high-definition network cameras;

2.3. It can effectively prevent equipment damage caused by the instantaneous increase in potential difference between camera power supply, network and other equipment;

2.4. The interior adopts two-stage series linkage protection, with low residual voltage and long service life;

2.5 Power supply surge protection port with LED failure indication (green: normal; off: failure);

2.6. The network camera two-in-one lightning protector adopts an integrated structure, small size, simple wiring and easy installation. In thunderstorms and rainy days, the threat of lightning strikes to users is firstly the power supply line and the second is the ADSL broadband line. On the one hand, lightning strikes will cause induced currents, which will generate strong electrical pulses and surges in the power supply, which will directly cause damage to routing equipment and ADSL . In addition, a strong induced current will also be generated in the network cable, and even a direct lightning strike will directly cause damage to the router LAN interface or even the router. Lightning strikes may cause damage to both network signals and power supply equipment. Using a network power supply 2-in-1 lightning arrester can prevent these two kinds of lightning strike hazards at the same time.

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