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Working principle of signal surge protector

April 07,2023

The signallightning protectoris connected in series between the protected equipment and the signal channel, and the signal surge protector is mainly used to protect electronic equipment from the impact of lightning electromagnetic pulses, induced overvoltage, and operational overvoltage.

1. What is the type of signal?

Based on the signal type, the working voltage of the system can be determined to confirm Uc. Normally

① Analog input/output AI/AO: 24V;

② Digital input and output DI, DO: 24V;

③ RS485/thermocouple TC: 5V;


⑤ Thermal resistance RTD: 5V

Classified by purpose, network signal lightning arrester, video signal lightning arrester, control signal lightning arrester



2. What is the working current IL of the circuit?

The signal surge protector SPD is generally connected in series in the circuit, and the working current of the circuit will flow through the signal surge protector SPD. If the IL exceeds the withstand level of the signal surge protector, it will cause the signal surge protector to burn out. Generally, IL meets the requirements. For some high power consumption 3-wire, 4-wire instruments, DO, etc., it is necessary to determine the current size of their power circuit.

3. How many lines do you need to protect?



Select the corresponding 2-wire, 3-wire, and 4-wire signal surge protectors based on the number of protection lines.

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