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non mov surge protector

These devices, known as surge protectors like WPX ethernet lightning surge protector, protect their connected electronics by redirecting the energy of an electrical surge back into the mains supply. Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) are commonly used for this purpose because their resistance changes as a function of the current passing through them.

Unfortunately, MOVs deteriorate with use and often fail in a thermal runaway mode. This can cause catastrophic consequences, such as fires.


Electronic devices are vulnerable to damage from power surges like WPX ,data line protector which can cause the wires and components to overheat, melt, or fail entirely. Surge protectors are a must-have because of how dangerously common voltage fluctuations are.

A surge protector has a potentially enormous lifespan improvement if it is never subjected to a power surge. However, if it does, it will give its life defending your electronics.

And that's why surge protectors have ratings in joules, indicating how much protection they can offer before your equipment is compromised. The greater the joules, the safer the item is expected to be.

In order to prevent catastrophic failures, such as fires, from MOVs, most modern surge protectors have circuit breakers and temperature fuses. Some of them even have a little LED light to show you how secure they are.

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