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poe lightning protection

As equipment that uses power over Ethernet (PoE) becomes more common, it can be more likely to be affected by electrical overvoltages and surges.

Consequently, it is important to protect PoE devices from the potentially damaging effects of these surges and spikes. This is where a WPX poe surge protector or lightning arrestor comes in.


CAT5 is one of the most common Ethernet cables used to transmit data. It supports up to 100 Mbps of bandwidth and is typically accompanied by a solid-core cable design. It is also capable of carrying multiple signals, such as telephony and video.

Enhanced Cat5 (Cat5e) is a good choice for new installations where network speed is a concern. The standard entails several advances, including enhanced shielding, improved signal transfer efficiency, and a more robust outer casing.

The most obvious improvement in Cat5e over its predecessor is the increased amount of bandwidth it can offer, which is especially important for high-speed devices like PCs and workstations. In the same way, the newer technology of balanced wire pairs can cut down on signal noise and crosstalk by a large amount. As a result, it is ideal for a wide range of applications, from high-end home entertainment systems to sophisticated corporate networks. It's also a very easy and inexpensive way to improve your networking without losing performance. You can prevent damage to your device by using the ethernet poe surge protector.

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