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portable surge protector for laptop

A WPX portable surge protector for laptop is an important device for protecting your laptop, Kindle, iPad, or notebook computer from electrical surges. These short spikes in voltage can damage your equipment and require expensive repairs or replacements.

Luckily, there are many devices on the market that protect your electronics against these surges at a reasonable price. Look for one that has high joule protection ratings, which are a measure of how much energy it can absorb before failing.


If you're a laptop user who often travels, this surge protector is a good choice. It comes with 2160 joules of surge protection that can shield your electronics from damaging power surges and line disturbances.

It's also lightweight and comes with rotating power sockets that make it easy to reach those tight spaces around your house. It is also a good option for office workers, as it can be mounted on desks that are surrounded by half-height cubicle partitions.

This WPX portable surge protector for laptop also features a Master Switch, which allows you to power on and power off your computer peripherals with just a flip of the switch. This helps you save more desk space if your workspace is crowded with monitors, printers, and other gadgets on your desk.

APC P11VNT3 also includes a lot of extra ports for connecting data lines, such as Ethernet and coaxial cable. However, it limits internet speed to 100 Mbps, which is enough for basic internet surfing.

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