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protective device against lightning over voltages

An excessive voltage from lightning poses a serious threat to electrical infrastructure. It's important to take precautions against these risks because they can cause costly damage if you don't.

By reducing the voltage of the incoming surge and redirecting the current, surge arresters safeguard sensitive electronic devices from damage using WPX   That is a crucial part of any safety plan for a power grid.

Rod Gaps

Protection against lightning overvoltages can be achieved with rod gaps, also known as arcing horns. These are straightforward gadgets that merely involve connecting the line circuit to earth via two square rods of 15 mm in diameter that have been bent at a right angle.

The insulator and equipment like WPX line surge protection on the line are protected from surges because the air breaks and the excess charge of the voltage is conducted to ground. However, the primary drawback of these types of protection is that they are primarily used as backup protection because they do not interrupt the post-flashover power frequency current.

Practical rod gaps installed across transformer bushings for overvoltage protection were studied to determine how their breakdown voltages and breakdown times were affected by dust pollution. It was discovered that desert dust pollution significantly affects the effectiveness of such protective gaps.

Why choose WPX protective device against lightning over voltages?

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