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rj45 surge arrester

If you have an ethernet network system at home or office, then you need to protect it from surges.  A rj45 surge arrester is the ideal solution.

The majority of these WPX gigabit ethernet surge protector is simple to install and do not require any technical knowledge. They are also lightweight and convenient to carry around.

MOV Surge Arrester

The WPX MOV surge arrester rj45 is a common type of surge protection that uses metal oxide varistors to absorb transient energy. This can include spikes from lightning, switching of long lines, and capacitor banks.

The absorbed energy is converted to heat and released into the surrounding atmosphere. This process is referred to as "adiabatic heating," which occurs almost immediately after the spike is absorbed by the arrester.

When a surge is applied, the block temperature rises only slightly above ambient (the green curve), while the absorbed energy dissipates in the surrounding air (the tan line). However, when the accumulated energy reaches a threshold level that is just below the arresteru2019s operating voltage, Uc, the blocks start to generate more heat than they can dissipate. The blocks then become saturated, which can result in the block shorting out and failing to discharge any power.

Why choose WPX rj45 surge arrester?

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